How do I connect to the server?

Use the servername in your Usenet-client as well as the account data (login and password) we have sent you by e-mail.

On which TCP-ports does your server listen?

The server listens on TCP-port 119 for unencrypted connections and TCP-port 563 for encrypted connections.

My Usenet-client cannot verify your SSL-certificate. Why?

We are using an SSL-certificate issued by Let's Encrypt. The Let's Encrypt root certificate is available here:
Let's Encrypt root certificate

I only see newsgroups of the solani-hierarchy. What am I doing wrong?

Your Usenet-client does not authenticate after connecting to the server with the issued account data hence you will only see the public solani-hierarchy. Please configure your Usenet-client to authenticate always after connecting to the server and update the group list of your Usenet-client after that.

The server rejects my postings, indicating a problem with my sender address. Why?

According to our usage policy, your sender address must be valid, functioning and belonging to you or otherwise belong to the top level domain ".invalid" (top means right most, e.g. address@is.invalid). Forged or manipulated are not acceptable, because those usually abuse external namespace and hence cause other (possibly future) users to receive more spam while you try to receive less.